I remember growing up how often Mum would say “The year’s flown by!”
I never really got it.  But now the older I’m getting [creak creak] it’s really starting to hit home what mum was feeling.

This Blog is well overdue. It’s already July! Half the year gone. Where have I been?

It’s no excuse for not talking to you but I hear so much about how artists are supposed to be social media gurus and spend hours online perfecting self-promotion. I will never be that person. I’m a songwriter first. A singer second. A performer definitely. A dreamer far too much. A thinker far too much. A worrier yes. A warrior yes. A marketing guru?  Er, not really.

But with half the year already gone, I do think you deserve an update.

The last blog was January. I was fresh off the stage from touring with Elton & high on life with so many things on my list. [I don’t actually have a physical list of course! That would mean I was organised and businesslike.I hear laughter.., the list lives in my head like a parrot on my shoulder nagging me all the time “Do this, call that person, deal with this problem, get that fixed, write to that company” and so on and so on. I don’t feel even slightly accomplished being mid year already.

Anyway that’s not to say I haven’t had a good year so far – I’m definitely feeling great about a lot of things.
I started the year scratching my head a bit, after touring with Elton around Aus in front of 15,000 people a night with my mates Robbie and Dean; that’s a tough gig to follow. Being on such a massive tour for one month is a complete spin out from reality. Amazing it was but so far from my little gigs in Melbourne playing to 30-50 friends & fans.

Going it alone was getting a little too much to handle. Hustling gigs, organising travel, sound engineers, ticketing, humping the gear, putting the ads out for the shows..couldn’t have done this without the astonishing Nabila – The Nabster as Robin calls her!
I just wanted to focus more on than music & my fans. I needed someone who loved my music & completely got what I’m about and who worked in the biz.

I thought I should start by getting in touch with all the “top line” artist agents in Sydney and Melbourne..what kind of stupid idiot did that make me? Been there done that is the story of the last 8 years of my life. 2 minutes into each phone call or email exchange – of course they were all prepared to talk to me because of who I am/was – I remembered why I’d turned down the big record deal in 2010 and turned away from that whole big time showbiz thing.that’s why I was so astonished when Elton called my mobile at work and said ‘Hi Eran come and do some shows with me’.  I’ll always answer when Elton calls because you don’t forget your friends. Not ever.

Anyway back to looking for a new supporter who felt me and wanted to let me be me and show me to the world..God that sounds awfully arrogant but that’s what I felt honestly.
It wasn’t easy, but eventually Brian Hender my friend & soundman put me onto Deb Herbert at Rude Bookings.
Deb loved what I was doing and wanted to help so so much. I’m sure some of you might have already bumped into her at a gig or two. She is such a cool chick.

Deb has been great, she booked me a small tour & a few radio interviews to start things off.  I met her in March and by April I was playing Melbourne, Sydney & Perth. I had such a great time playing again in different states.
You people remain amazing.& for the first time I started selling copies of my latest EP – Down the Road. That was quite a weird and surreal feeling asking people to support me and buy something which was entirely under my control. No A&R manager, no sleeve designer, no stylist, no fancy new York studio. Just a bunch of my songs done simply. Direct.

Lot’s more gigs to come & I can’t wait to play some Festivals in summer.
Ideas anyone?

I have to ask did anyone get down to see Bon Iver in concert this year? I saw them in Melbourne at the Myer Music Bowl in March.

Honestly folks, it was probably the best gig I have ever been to, I reckon there were at least 15,000 people standing with their jaws on the floor, mind blown.
Anyway I love Justin Vernon regardless, but I went home that night feeling like shit. “I’m not good enough!”

I’m still doing my job working for Deaf Children Australia & I’m really really happy that I’m still able to do that work.

They have been so brilliant working around my gigs. I’m determined to really make a difference to them this year. It’s DCA’s 150th birthday this year..I know, incredible! It’s such a brilliant charity and if a musician can’t be arsed to get up in the morning to do some work for deaf kids then I don’t know who can. It’s such rewarding work – plus I get paid for it which seems like a ridiculous privilege to me.

But I’m not ashamed of that and I need to eat.

If you read my Facebook or tweets you will have noticed I went up north with Nabila to Cairns & Port Douglas in June. I know a lot of you were envious but it was my first proper holiday in my whole life…
Wow, I had such a great time up there & yeah basically lived a little. The weather was perfect every day; the whole place was amazing to say the least. We did a lot of the stuff you do up there but I have to admit I did spend a lot of time sitting around the pool with a drink and doing absolutely nothing!
I’d definitely say snorkeling in Great Barrier Reef was the highlight. If you haven’t been to Far North Queensland, your missing out I’m tellin ya.

Now to some great news, I’ve just been endorsed by Yamaha Guitars Australia. So I’ve armed my self with a secondary acoustic guitar, tobacco sunburst absolutely beautiful.& I now have my first ever Electric Guitar. Based on the Telecaster. It’s a Yamaha Pacifica Mike Stern.
Big thanks to Jaclyn Williams for putting it all in place for me. Thank you

Yamaha & look out world, Eran’s going heavy! Not!

I’ve just finished having a long chat to Robin over Skype this evening & I’ve vowed to do some thing about my boring YouTube page.  He’s a pain in the arse basically. Always on my case about my blog. He doesn’t give a toss about my career he just get’s bored sitting in the rain in London and wants new stuff to read.

My big project for the next few weeks is to get some really interesting videos of the tunes etc sorted out. Once again no swanky video directors, exotic locations..unless you call my living room/studio exotic! I’ll be experimenting with my video camera with a few ideas over the next few days & eventually get some new videos up. Definitely Eran..
So more music, more videos & more gigs… That’s a promise

Heap’s of love to all my awesome friends & fans. Thanks for reading.

Here’s a little update for my next few gigs:

Melbourne @ The Empress Hotel – July 12th – 7:30PM
Brisbane @ The Dowse Bar at Iceworks – August 2nd 8:00PM
Gold Coast @ The Loft Chevron Island – August 4th 8:00PM