I love this time of year; in fact it’s probably my favourite season. After a long hot summer in Melbourne, I’ve really needed the change.

All those pretty colours that seem to tango in the air & leaves that crunch beneath my feet, it’s really quite beautiful and refreshing just to walk around Melbourne right now.
The air feels crisp and the cool brushes my face with the motherly sun kissing my cheeks. That’s my autumn affair.

I’m writing from the over crowded lounge room of our new rental, we just moved houses 3 weeks ago. We’ve still got stuff all over the place. We really need to get this sorted; I’ve been contemplating the local op shop honestly, maybe a midnight drop when Nabsters sleeping. I really can’t believe how much stuff we’ve accumulated. Most of it belongs to the Mrs though! I am but a simple man etc [har har]

If you haven’t noticed I’ve been under the blogosphere radar this year, please excuse me it’s still January in my head.

No but in all honesty I’ve been in transition this year; I’ve been filtering through my life, sorting through the thought chamber that keeps me ticking and rolling like a Penny-farthing.
I think it’s like cleaning out your computer hard drive and getting rid of all the junk.

Anyway I’ve just decided I’m letting go a little more this year, or perhaps I’ll try to; No I’m not turning into a dole bludging musician, I’m just going to take things as they come. No expectations!

I’m tired of trying to stop myself trying to premeditate life and my career, or perhaps where I’ll be in 10 or 20 years. Ridiculous. My higher self in no way subscribes to that kind of thought process but I’m human and sometimes it just creeps up on ya.
I want to take that side of it easy, as I usually have done. What will be will be, my mother used to say. Right as ever mum.

I know I’ve put pressure on myself over the last year, expecting more return from my efforts…like some fucking banker or something! Sometimes these trains of thought creep up in your head like a bad smell and you have to deal with it.

There is a shortage of good gigs around. There is a shortage of good discerning agents. Hell there’s a shortage of everything everywhere in the world right now. What there is never a shortage of is supposedly wise, helpful and in-the-know people telling me that I’m not doing enough for my career, or that I need to be out there ‘on the scene’ more to be seen and heard… I know it’s all meant well, but I really get tired of it.
I used to think ‘maybe they’re right’, but you know what? I’m actually doing enough, I’m doing it… I’m living life and this is my journey.

The only thing I do regret is that you can’t get festival slots as a singer unless you have a big profile or a big agent representing you. I regret it because I love playing to lots of people and festivals are real fun.

Some bloody brilliant news though, I’ve just told Robin to free up his flaming calendar. I’ve just booked my flights to London and I’m going in August. It’s going to be excellent and I can’t wait to catch up with everybody. Who knows what may flow from the creative juices this time.

I’m sure most ordinary people like me would agree that it’s been pretty upsetting reading the news over the last week. The ongoing massacre of innocent people in Syria is simply unbelievable and unacceptable. The recent devastation in Bangladesh – The Nabster’s motherland – has, of course, particularly hit home. It’s very difficult to find the right words. I still find it hard to stomach every day that I have it so easy and they have nothing.

All this, as usual, has me thinking that perhaps I have a greater calling; I feel it’s almost my duty as another human to help those in need, people in crisis and devastation. I feel powerless in this crazy world but I owe it to them. Something more than just a donation, but then I think what could I possibly do? That must be such a common dilemma. What does inspire me is that so many people, particularly young people, are getting out there and making incredible contributions, efforts and sacrifices for the world’s most oppressed people. I laugh out loud when I hear, see or read older people talking about ‘today’s younger generation’ as though they are all little scumbags. They are our one great hope.

Before I wrap up, I just wanted to thank those special friends and fans that keep encouraging me to keep doing what I do. I know it’s been a quiet start to the year on the gig front, but I’m feeling seriously re-inspired and re-invigorated as ever and I can’t wait to get back on stage and play again.

And there’s a special treat for reading all that.
Here’s a new tune of mine called ‘Time is on our side’ enjoy!

Until next time.

Eran James xoxo