I wrote Istanbul eight years ago when I first moved overseas. Istanbul is a song about one’s yearning for their homeland and a tale about a truly magical city.

My dad is Turkish but he moved to Australia long before I was born. Anyone who is a second generation immigrant like me will know how the homeland always comes up as a sort of pull – a sort of tension and a sort of dream. You sit as a kid and listen to the stories, hear the accents, go to the classes and you start to dream. Sometimes you try to imagine what it is like to be your auntie or your uncle so far from their birth land.

When I look back now, writing Istanbul perhaps came from my own inner yearning. I suppose just like my father all those years ago, I was to missing my home in Australia. I hope you enjoy my song and these beautiful images. Istanbul is truly a magical place!

In light of the heart breaking violence in Istanbul this week 28/6/2016, I dedicate this song to the people of Istanbul and to all those affected by such atrocities right across the world.

Yours truly Eran xo