Eran James – Then & Now

A lot of people who come to this site will know Eran and his music. They
will know a beautiful child with a beautiful voice and an understanding of
Soul completely beyond his years. A gift.

Eran was taken on by the world’s biggest record company at 12 years old. His
interpretations of Soul Classics won admiration and a growing following in
and around Australia.  By the time he was 16 Eran was in New York working
with the city’s best writers arrangers and musicians.

So what happened next?

What happened next was that Elton John heard Eran sing.  What followed was
the stuff of legend. Elton put Eran and his guitarist friend Robert John Sedky on the
road, supporting Elton’s sellout Aussie tour. Audiences fell for the
teenager with the God-given voice and Elton asked Eran what he wanted.

“I want to play and write and sing songs that come from my life, my heart
and my experiences and which will touch the lives of others. Maybe to heal,
maybe to provoke a reaction.””

So Elton brought Eran back to London with him in 2008. He was all set to
take the usual routes into commercial music but he wanted to give Eran a say
in things for the first time. What Eran said was surprising..

“I want to get a job, get a flat, experience another version of real life
and start to write about life”

Two years later and Eran is, by his own admission, “a very realised guy. I
guess objectively I’ve had a tricky life. Being an immigrant son outside the
mainstream of Aussie culture but still feeling an Aussie at heart. The death
of my mother so young. Travelling around the world as a child singer. All
these things I felt and feel very deeply and I wanted to express this in a
way which chimed with others. I always felt I could feel what others were
going through”

Two years later Eran is back in Australia with 40 songs about life, love and
death under his belt and a passion for moving people with songs.  “Elton has
been a huge help to me. He gave me confidence in my own songs. He kept faith
with me. He told me that he only started to find himself when he and Bernie
Taupin stopped trying to write hits and started trying to write great songs.
Forget the beats and the production and the makeup. Get the songs right and
find your heart.

It’s all a lot simpler now. It’s about me and a piano or a guitar and a set
of stories about ordinary people like me. I think it’s ordinary people who
will get it. I don’t want two years as a pop sensation. I want a lifetime of
thinking about the world, writing about it and sharing my hopes and fears
with the people who need it most. Turning your own sorrow and joy around to
face the world and sharing with them is the only goal worth having”

Eran’s latest supporter and collaborator, Grammy award winning producer
Robin Millar is putting his neck and reputation on the line for Eran. “The
only other time in my career that I bust into a bedroom at 3 in the morning,
roused my woman and cried ‘just listen to this’ was after my first week in a
studio with Sade. I’d just finished recording Smooth Operator. The artist
was unsigned and no one liked the song. I pushed and pushed to get it
released. When we finished the first six songs with Eran I woke Shelley, put
headphones on her head and pressed play. After two minutes she started to
cry. After four minutes she started to laugh and kissed me. I will push and
push until Eran’s sublime music is heard as it should be. Anyone who has a
heart and a soul and who cares about the world should listen to Eran”

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